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That's the simple question we try to answer as we interview professional creators with careers in the Entertainment Industries. We post one interview per month. Extra materials, like Geek Talk about movies, comics, and games may be released any time of the month.

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Episode 38 - Tony Grillo: Animator / Creator / Problem Solver at Mighty Pants Media

As owner and sole full-time employee of Mighty Pants Media, Tony Grillo is a producer of dynamic video and animated content for advertising, messaging, training and entertainment. He has Directed ads as well as celebrated series for high-profile creative and corporate clients like Mark Cuban, Adam Sandler, and Tim Burton. He regularly works as a Story editor, writer, and development partner for short format content. Pat sat down with him to talk about his lengthy career that has spanned 3 decades and multiple states, and ask him what advice he has for industry hopefuls. - [Tim Burton: Stain Boy Animated Series]( - [Gracie Films]( - Bottom Line Productions (where he worked in Atlanta while still at ACA) - [Atlanta College of Art]( - [X-Sheet format]( - [Atlanta College of Art (only history I can find)]( - [First Movie made in Flash]( - [Jib Jab]( - [This Land]( - [Toon Boom]( - [SCRUM]( _Audio Editing by [Adam Greenlee](
- “Don’t ever stop Drawing... you have to Draw Every Day... its like an Olympic sport! You have to constantly be in good shape for it.” ~ Tony Grillo - “As well meaning and as brilliant as a lot of [outsource clients] are that we work for, they’re not always the most organized people.” ~ Tony Grillo - “Ive kind of developed a real gift with pipeline development.” ~ Tony Grillo - “If you are going to get through [a major project] in under a year, you have to find a way to streamline the process without loosing quality.” ~ Tony Grillo - “Being able to say, ‘It’s not what I do’, was a nice place to get to when I was doing freelance work.” ~ Pat Bollin - “You need to do [client work] to keep the lights on while you’re moving towards your overarching goals.” ~ Pat Bollin - “That’s why we’re called ‘Mighty Pants Media’, by the way, ideas are born naked.” ~ Tony Grillo - “Most of us NEED to be exposed to the [creative] process over and over again to see what works and what doesn’t work before moving on [to higher levels of achievement].” ~ Paraphrased from Tony Grillo - When asked,“What did you learn in art school?” “How to make pizzas… Just kidding, the most important thing I learned there was that I could draw.” ~ Tony Grillo - “The dot com crashes hit us [Flinch Studio] REAL hard... in 2001.” ~ Tony Grillo - “Most [established] people in the [animation] industry don’t take kindly to you trying to change the way they do things.” ~ Tony Grillo
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