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That's the simple question we try to answer as we interview professional creators with careers in the Entertainment Industries. We post one interview per month. Extra materials, like Geek Talk about movies, comics, and games may be released any time of the month.

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Episode 37 - Lee Hammock: Senior Game Designer at Tripwire Interactive

A self-described "Professional Nerd", Lee Hammock is senior game designer at Tripwire Interactive where he has worked on titles like Killing Floor 2, Killing Floor: Incursion, the upcoming Man-Eater, and others. He has had a long and varied career that has included stints working on games, and RPGs and comics, for properties as diverse as Halo, Farscape, A Song of Ice and Fire, Pathfinder Online, Fallen Earth, Elder Scrolls, and Fading Suns. - [Tripwire Interactive]( - [Lee's Wikipedia page]( - [Lee's books on]( - [Tales From The Glass-Guarded World (podcast)]( - [Holistic Design Inc.]( - [Star Frontiers RPG]( - [Fading Suns RPG]( - [Hero Kids RPG]( [Fallen Earth MMO]( - [Perception (video game)]( - [Thomas Was Alone (video game)]( _Audio Editing by [Adam Greenlee]( And Jeremiah Clark_
- “I was lucky enough to end up at Tripwire [Interactive] because: it’s a great company; it’s the lowest stress game industry job I’ve had; extremely transparent management; great environment; benefits are great... people don’t leave here a lot.” ~ Lee Hammock - “Being in video games is a lot like being in the army [in that] you move all the time.” ~ Lee Hammock - “The majority of the game industry is on one of the coasts, or in Austin.” ~ Lee Hammock - “Your nerd card has to have some holes punched in it to know what LARPing is.” ~ Lee Hammock - “... [in 2002] I got a job at DC Comics. I was the Creative services Coordinator. Creative Services is what we called the ‘Special Forces’ of DC Comics because we did all the ‘wiered stuff.'” ~ Lee Hammock - “I worked at DC [Comics] for a few years, and I loved it. [However] It was the most stressful job I’ve ever had... DC Comics does not pay you enough money when you first start to live in New York City. One of my friends literally told me that you go into debt until they give you your first promotion after 5 years.” ~ Lee Hammock - “Candy Land is not a game. It’s an activity. You don’t make a single choice. You just draw cards, and hope you win, so it’s... it’s gambling. There’s no skill involved.” ~ Lee Hammock - “When I was in elementary school I thought I could draw. Then when I got into middle school I met the first kid who could actually draw... and I realized that, ‘yeah, I can’t draw!’ It crushed my spirit for years afterwards.” ~ Lee Hammock - “A lot of people say that game balance means everything is fair. Well, no. It means that the game is delivering the experience that it’s supposed to deliver.” ~ Lee Hammock - “Cut in half, or double! If you’re trying to make adjustments to a game, make big adjustments... don’t make 10% changes because you’ll never get to where you're going.” ~ Lee Hammock - “I would not have gotten as far as I am in the game industry without contacts and networking and being a polite person.” ~ Lee Hammock - “I really wish the game industry would stop building their studios in places that are stupid expensive to live. It seems like such a bad plan." ~ Lee Hammock - Give a man a game, and he’ll have fun for a day. Teach a man how to make games, and he’ll never have fun again! ~ not sure what of origin
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